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Clostridium Difficile - C. Difficile - C. Diff
Conquering This Dreaded Hospital Infection
Four years ago, a couple came to my office as a last hope. They told me their oldest
daughter had been in the hospital for what they had been told was a simple procedure.  
Except, while she was there, she had gotten some kind of infection called clostridium
difficile, also called c.difficile and c. diff. (From now on, I will refer to it as c. difficile.) The
doctors were at a loss, the infection had taken off, and no matter what they had done she
continued to get worse. They had used every antibiotic they had against c. difficile, and
there was, they reported to me, little hope for recovery. Could I do something? Please.
Clostridium Difficile - C. Difficile - C.Diff
C. Difficile - One of the Dreaded Hospital Infections
Top Researcher Revealed to Me Special Probiotic Bacteria
My Experience Helped This Young Lady Get Well
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Dr. Kia McCullen ("Doc")
I researched this infection and found that this and mrsa were the two dreaded hospital
infections, worse than complications of almost anything for which one goes into the hospital.
Interesting antibiotics are contra indicated. The CDC reports that the rate of infection has
increased 10%, while worse news is that fatality has doubled.

In your small and large intestine there are millions of bacteria, many of which are helpful
bacterial infection that is causing an illness, the drug can destroy some of the normal,
helpful bacteria.

This c difficile is opportunistic, and so killing lesser bacteria just clears the way for this.
Worse yet, when attacked by antibiotics c. difficile has the ability to "spore" and the spores
imbed in the intestine for up to 2 years (current best guess),and - yes that means even if it
is "handled" it can rise again. Nasty stuff.
I helped this young lady, with her parent's permission, get started on a special protocol and in a short period of time-she
was much better.

These parents went from thinking that they could lose their daughter, to looking forward to a future for her. She has now
graduated college and is off on her own, a life ahead of her.  It's so rewarding to have been a part of helping this young
lady regain her health.  I hope to help you, too.
I had the chance to talk to one of the researchers from the University of Nebraska-arguably
doing the premier work on probiotics in the world- and he explained to me how they had
developed a particular strain of probiotic to proliferate very fast, and had tested it- and it
was the winner. This is very important in handling intestinal problems, over growth, etc.

At this point one of those serendipitous moments happened, as he had met with the owner
of a company that had the perfect product to be combined with this unique probiotic. Now
the proliferation spread was greatly enhanced. In 18 years of using this product in a clinical
setting I have been very impressed with its results.
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